Active Search using Meta-BanditsShengli Zhu, Jakob Coles and Sihong Xie
Patient Experience Modeling with Pre-trained Language ModelJinhe Shi and Yi Chen
InterNet: Multistep Traffic Forecasting by Interacting Spatial and Temporal FeaturesYilian Xin, Xuesong Lu, Dezhuang Miao, Mengxia Zhu and Cheqing Jin
UI-FAME: A High-Performance Forgetting System for Creating Views of OntologiesXuan Wu, Wenxing Deng, Chang Lu, Peiqi Wei, Yizheng Zhao and Hao Feng
Exploiting Class Labels to Boost Performance on Embedding-based Text ClassificationArkaitz Zubiaga
Large scale long-tailed product recognition system at AlibabaXiangzeng Zhou, Pan Pan, Yun Zheng, Yinghui Xu and Rong Jin
OFFER: A Motif Dimensional Framework for Network Representation LearningShuo Yu, Feng Xia, Jin Xu, Zhikui Chen and Ivan Lee
Gtensor: Fast and Accurate Tensor Analysis System using GPUsDawon Ahn, Sangjun Son and U Kang
Visualet: Visualizing Shapelets for Time Series ClassificationGuozhong Li, Byron Choi, Sourav S Bhowmick, Grace L.H. Wong, Kwok-Pan Chun and Shiwen Li
Structured knowledge: Have we made progress? An empirical study of KB coverage over 19 yearsSimon Razniewski
Autonomous Predictive Modeling via Reinforcement LearningUdayan Khurana and Horst Samulowitz
A Toolkit for Managing Multiple Crowdsourced Top-K QueriesCaihua Shan, Leong Hou U, Nikos Mamoulis and Reynold Cheng
Optimal End-Biased Histograms for Hierarchical DataRachel Behar and Sara Cohen
Inside Quasimodo: Exploring Construction and Usage of Commonsense KnowledgeJulien Romero and Simon Razniewski
ArXivDigest: A Living Lab for Personalized Scientific Literature RecommendationKristian Gingstad, Øyvind Jekteberg and Krisztian Balog
Nebula: a Scalable Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning System in Ant FinancialCen Chen, Bingzhe Wu, Li Wang, Chaochao Chen, Jin Tan, Lei Wang and Jun Zhou
Smarter and Safer Traffic Signal Controlling via Deep Reinforcement LearningBingquan Yu, Jinqiu Guo, Qinpei Zhao, Jiangfeng Li and Weixiong Rao
Exploration of Dynamic Query-Based Load-Balancing for Partially Replicated Database Systems with Node FailuresStefan Halfpap and Rainer Schlosser
IDEAL: IDEntifying the User’s IdeAL Tuple via Sorting in the DatabaseChen Chen, Jiping Zheng, Weijun Yan and Meijing Wang
Towards Inferring Queries from Simple and Partial Provenance ExamplesAmir Gilad and Yuval Moskovitch
Two Test Collections for Retrieval Using Named Entity MarkupJacob Bremerman, Dawn Lawrie, James Mayfield and Douglas Oard
Vallum-Med: Protecting Medical Data in Cloud EnvironmentsRonny Guimarães, Altigran Silva, André Carvalho, Christof Fetzer, André Martin and Ignacio Blanquer
Semi-supervised Consensus Clustering Based on Frequent Closed ItemsetsTianshu Yang, Nicolas Pasquier, Antoine Hom, Laurent Dolle and Frédéric Precioso
April: An Automatic Graph Data Management System Based on Reinforcement LearningHongzhi Wang, Zhixin Qi, Lei Zheng, Yun Feng, Junfei Ouyang, Haoqi Zhang, Xiangxi Zhang, Ziming Shen and Shirong Liu
EasyGML: A Fully-functional and Easy-to-use Platform for Industrial Graph Machine LearningZhiqiang Zhang, Jun Zhou and Chuan Shi
Empirical Analysis of Impact of Query-Specific Customization of nDCG: A Case-Study with Learning-to-Rank MethodsShubhra Kanti Karmaker, Parikshit Sondhi and Chengxiang Zhai
Towards Rich Qery Blockchain DatabaseZhu Yanchao, Zhao Zhang, Aoying Zhou and Cheqing Jin
A Capsule Network-based Model for Learning Node EmbeddingsDai Quoc Nguyen, Tu Dinh Nguyen, Dat Quoc Nguyen and Dinh Phung
ALEX: Active Learning based enhancement of a classification model’s EXplainabilityIshani Mondal and Debasis Ganguly
PrivacyCheck v2: A Tool that Recaps Privacy Policies for YouRazieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, Safa Anya, Alex Issa, Jake Nimergood, Isabelle Rogers, Vinay Shah, Ayush Srivastava and K. Suzanne Barber
Semantic Search over Structured DataSainyam Galhotra and Udayan Khurana
Maximum Signed (k,r)-Truss Identification in Signed NetworksYanping Wu, Renjie Sun, Chen Chen, Xiaoyang Wang and Qiuyu Zhu
Diverse Enumeration of Maximal CliquesLiron Sade and Sara Cohen
Deriving Geolocations in WikipediaAmir Krause and Sara Cohen
A Cost Estimation Technique for Recursive Relational AlgebraMuideen Lawal, Pierre Geneves and Nabil Layaida
STREAMER: a Powerful Framework for Continuous Learning in Data StreamsSandra Garcia Rodriguez, Mohammad Alshaer and Cedric Gouy-Pailler
CovidExplorer: A Multi-faceted AI-based Search and Visualization Engine for COVID-19 InformationHeer Ambavi, Kavita Vaishnaw, Udit Vyas, Abhisht Tiwari and Mayank Singh
PandaSQL: Parallel Randomized Triangle Enumeration with SQL QueriesAbir Farouzi, Ladjel Bellatreche, Carlos Ordonez, Gopal Pandurangan and Mimoun Malki
Active Hazard Observation via Human in the Loop Social Media Analytics SystemZhenyu Wen, Jedsada Phengsuwan, Nipun Balan Thekkummal, Rui Sun, Pooja Jamathi Chidananda, Tejal Shah, Philip James and Rajiv Ranjan
Computing and Illustrating Query Rewritings on Path Views with Binding PatternsJulien Romero, Nicoleta Preda, Antoine Amarilli and Fabian M. Suchanek
TiCCo: Time-Centric Content ExplorationPhilip Hausner, Dennis Aumiller and Michael Gertz
JARVIS: A Conversational Movie Recommender SystemJaveria Habib, Shuo Zhang and Krisztian Balog
Improving Anchor-based ExplanationsJulien Delaunay, Luis Galarraga and Christine Largouët
AURORA: An Information Extraction System of Domain-specific Business Documents with Limited DataMinh-Tien Nguyen, Dung Le, Linh Le, Do Hoang Thai Duong, Bui Cong Minh, Nguyen Hong Son, Nguyen Hai Phong and Nguyen Huu Hiep
INforE: Interactive Cross-platform Analytics for EveryoneNikos Giatrakos, David Arnu, Theodoros Bitsakis, Antonios Deligiannakis, Minos Garofalakis, Ralf Klinkenberg, Aris Konidaris, Antonis Kontaxakis, Yannis Kotidis, Vasilis Samoladas, Alkis Simitsis, George Stamatakis, Fabian Temme, Mate Torok, Edwin Yaqub, Arnau Montagud, Miguel Ponce, Holger Arndt and Stefan Burkard
User Taste-Aware Image SearchJiyun Luo, Pak Ming Cheung, Wenyu Huo, Ying Huang and Rajat Raina
Truth be Told: Fake News Detection Using User Reactions on RedditVinay Setty and Erlend Rekve
SemFE: Facilitating ML Pipeline Development with SemanticsBaifan Zhou, Yulia Svetashova, Tim Pychynski and Evgeny Kharlamov
Attribution IQ: Scalable Game Theoretic Attribution in Web AnalyticsRitwik Sinha, Ivan Andrus and Trevor Paulsen
Sample Driven Data Mapping for Linked Data andWeb APIsTobias Zeimetz and Ralf Schenkel
Multimodal Knowledge Graph for Deep Learning Papers-and-CodeAmar Viswanathan Kannan, Ioannis Akrotirianakis, Dmitriy Fradkin and Tugba Kulahcioglu
Exploiting Common Neighbor Graph for Link PredictionHao Tian and Reza Zafarani
M-Cypher: A GQL Framework Supporting Motifs, Demonstrated by Covid-19 Knowledge Graph AnalysisXiaodong Li, Reynold Cheng, Matin Najafi, Kevin Chang, Xiaolin Han and Hongtai Cao
UWKGM: A Modular Platform for Knowledge Graph ManagementNatthawut Kertkeidkachorn, Rungsiman Nararatwong and Ryutaro Ichise
Weaving Text into TablesDhruv Gupta and Klaus Berberich
RotaryDS: Fast Storage for Massive Data Streams via a Rotation Storage ModelYanqi Lv and Peiquan Jin
Enhanced Story Representation by ConceptNet for Predicting Story EndingsShanshan Huang, Kenny Zhu and Qianzi Liao
On Identifying the Author Group of Malwares via Graph Embedding and Human-in-Loop ApproachesSung-Jun Park, Eujeanne Kim, Dong-Kyu Chae, Seokwoo Choi and Sang-Wook Kim
Ranking Multiple Choice Question Distractors using Semantically Informed Neural NetworksTirthankar Dasgupta and Manjira Sinha
WebLens: Interactive Large-scale Structured Data ProfilingRituparna Khan and Michael Gubanov