Despite no travel involved this year to attend CIKM 2020, we understand the potential difficulties to cover the expenses of the attendance of the conference for students.

We are glad to announce that the SIGIR Student Travel Grants program has decided to cover the cost of the “Authors Main Conference”  registration fee for students presenting at CIKM 2020.
To be eligible, the student must:
(1) be a (co-) AUTHOR of a full, short, applied research, resource, demo, poster or doctoral consortium paper, AND
(2) be the one presenting the work at CIKM 2020.

Note that to applicants will also need to be ACM SIGIR members. If not already a member, click here to become a member before applying. To apply for this grant, please complete this form:  

The application period ends September 5th, 2020 (AOE).
Awardees will be given a COMPENSATION CODE in order to register for free.  PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER BEFORE RECEIVING THIS CODE.